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Sary Academy

SARY Academy is an academic environment that builds curiosity and excitement for learning. Through it, students enjoy a rich program of benefit and real learning based on inquiry, play and exploration. The classroom is carefully designed for children to move freely. SARY Academy adopts advanced approaches to raise the child in all aspects of life. Cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally.


Our mission is to promote children's development through learning and play, by providing a safe and stimulating learning environment with high-quality educational standards.


Our vision is for SARY Academy to become the premier academy for educating children on a local and international level.


The aim of SARY Academy's activities is to raise an outstanding child who can meet the challenges of the future with the weapon of science, intellect and ethics.


At SARY Academy, teachers guide children through positive mentoring strategies to support and nurture our children's passion for learning, giving them confidence in themselves, enabling them to practice new skills in a clean, structured environment that suits your child's interests and abilities.


Based on the primary goal of providing a safe and clean environment for the development of children's talents, SARY Academy offers a distinct play area that delights your children and provides them with a loving and caring environment; Focuses on active play, improving creativity and expanding your child's imagination. Our interest in SARY Academy is not just for children; Our interest extends to parents in having an enjoyable time while waiting. We have a cafeteria with free Wi-Fi, so mom and dad can start their work or enjoy their time during the waiting period.